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Wiltshire Youth for Christ

We are about seeing the lives of young people changed by Jesus as we…
  • Help young people be all that they can be; to help them fulfil their potential
  • Offer young people the opportunity to explore the Christian faith for themselves
  • Work with young people in accordance with the five outcomes set out in Every Child Matters (Stay safe, be healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and economic well-being).

Wiltshire Youth for Christ Vision

  • To take good news relevantly to every young person in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Youth for Christ Values

  • Courageous
  • Helpful
  • Relational
  • Innovative
  • Spiritual
  • Together

Wiltshire Youth for Christ is seeking to be:

  • Biblical: Believing the Bible to be central to the Christian faith and actively seeking to understand and apply biblical principles to all that we seek to do through our work.
  • Prophetic: Following Jesus in confronting evil, injustice and hypocrisy. Challenging worldly concepts of power, wealth, status and security.
  • Inclusive: Following Jesus in transcending barriers of gender, language, race, class, age and culture. Identifying with those who are rejected, deprived and powerless.
  • Sacrificial: Following Jesus in accepting vulnerability and the necessity of sacrifice. Seeking to reflect the generous, life-giving nature of God.
  • Missional: Following Jesus in demonstrating in word and action God’s forgiving and healing love. Calling & enabling people to experience the love of God for themselves.
  • Worshipful: Following Jesus in engaging in worship and prayer which inspire and under gird all we are and do. Exploring and expressing what it means to be part of the people of God, obeying his Word and following Christ in the whole of daily life.