During 2016 James Vaughton spent time researching what a church that effectively disciples young people does, looks and feels like. There are some big challenges in this area for organisations like YFC and local churches. Working in partnership with Bath Deanery we published our report, Shaping Church to Disciple Young People, which is downloadable here.

When asked what a church that disciples young people well feels like, respondents cited the importance of a sense of family, a safe place. They talked about a place that feels alive and a community that values them and their involvement. How can churches work towards being such places where discipleship is effective? It is all rooted in relationship. This is not surprising, and yet is seen as really difficult to embed in busy church life; often at the mercy of programmes, initiatives and maintaining buildings. Discipleship of young people needs to be relationship led and driven. Once this is in place key things were that young people needed were, to encounter and experience Jesus, to see discipleship modelled and to be involved in shaping the church community.

In response to this work Wiltshire YFC is working to support local churches to shape the church to effectively disciple young people. We are doing three key things

  1. Publication of the Grove Book ‘ Shaping Church to disciple Young People. Click here to buy a copy
  2. An event for parents called supporting families to disciple their kids. This is an evening event hosted by a local church, facilitated by Youth for Christ, providing space for parents to hear some of the research and talk about the challenges and joys of discipling their children.
  3. Delivering Learning Hubs, working with local churches over a period of 8 months to identify the challenges, develop a vision for discipleship, plan and deliver the change that needs to be made to effectively disciple young people. You can find out more about how this could work by clicking here to get in touch and emailing us. We’d love to hear from you.

You can also call 01225 366055 or James directly on 07340314692 to find out more