“My daughter has just turned 13. As a father I long for my daughter to grow up as a disciple of Jesus but am often anxious about whether she will and whether I do enough to help or if I am over-bearing. One day she seems keen, the next she’s questioning everything and the next week she seems ambivalent.” Does that resonate?

Our research Shaping Church to Disciple Young People, discovered that parents have a key role but are often not supported in their discipleship of their own children. As part of Bath Youth for Christ’s response to this we have run and are looking to offer more  evening events to consider the joys and challenges of discipling our own children in the 21st century. An evening will include:

  • A worker from Youth for Christ sharing findings from our research – you can download it here.
  • An opportunity to talk with and listen to other parents
  • Time to share practical ideas and resources
  • An opportunity to buy books
  • A time of prayer for parents and our children
  • A FREE glass of wine or soft drink

To find out more about hosting or coming along to an evening for parents please email disciple@bathyfc.co.uk now.