Shaping church to disciple young people: A report on conversations around discipleship

Click here to download our latest research into discipleship of young people

Report following our research with young people

This report is based on research asking young people three questions:

  1. What do you see as the issues young people face today?
  2. How do we share faith with you as young people?
  3. How do we communicate better with you?

Click here to download the report (published by our sister Youth for Christ centre in Bath)

How do we best communicate with young people?

There are more ways to communicate than ever before and more information being communicated.  Would you like to know more about how young people communicate and how they want to be communicated with? Bath Youth for Christ has produced a report based on the views of young people, which can be downloaded here.

A Grove booklet on enabling young people to participate in youth work written by James Vaughton


Click here to go to the Grove Books site and buy a copy or browse other Grove booklets.

Two downloads from Scripture Union workshops delivered by James click on the links below:

1. Reaching those beyond the boundaries of church
2. Discipling young people