Dan Webb and James Vaughton were invited into a John of Gaunt RE lesson and we asked one young person to give us her reflections and tells us about the impact of the lesson on her friends. Here is what he said.

“Having Dan and James from Wiltshire YFC come into my R.E lesson a couple of weeks ago was fantastic. It was really great to have the pair of them involved in a session where the class asked them questions about their beliefs and they responded with useful and encouraging answers – a few unexpected replies for many students but nonetheless insightful! Amongst a class of extremely varied beliefs and opinions, both Dan and James’ personal views gave a wonderful portrayal and context of a modern faith, completely changing the perspectives of many in the lesson who, in the majority of cases, have very limited knowledge of Christianity. Both from an educational point of view and a more personal one, the session was extremely valuable building wonderfully on our R.E GCSE course and also challenging many misconceptions of the ‘typical Christian’ today. My friends especially left with further questions about the faith and a seemingly increased interest in my personal beliefs with one even expressing her surprise at the lack of judgement and genuineness both Dan and James possessed. Despite some very difficult topics being discussed, everyone in the room (including my teacher) took away something important from the hour and were left with a new understanding on Christianity today.”