Youth for Christ has a state of the art website ( that has been created to make life even easier for you and even better equip you to reach and disciple young people in your church and community.  Here are the crucial details of the new resource, where you can find out more about how you can get using this new resource as you seek to go and make disciples. Youth for Christ resources offer something for all the young people you work with:

  • Rock Solid is for 11-14s and is an action packed resource which helps you communicate the Christian faith with those on the margins of church or not connected at all
  • Lumen is a great resource for 11-14s who you are trying to disciple, helping them explore faith and grow as followers of Jesus
  • Mettle is full of activities and topics for 14-18 year olds to help them grapple with tough questions and grow in their faith
  • Ethos is a video resource for young adults to provoke discussion around topics that are relevant to them. In an age when the 20s-30s are considered a ‘missing generation’ in church this could be just the tool for those of you working with this group. This is a free resource.

You can find out more about how this resource works and how you can begin to access these resources by clicking the relevant logo at the top of the page. In the past Youth for Christ have had a ‘one price’ for all resources. To make things better value you can either choose one resource, which is £10 per month, two for £18 per month or all three for just £25 per month.

If you are a local church which already donates at least the price of the resource you are able to access it for free. Please get in touch for details.

Click here to download our church resources flyer

Ethos, as mentioned above, is FREE to download for everyone. Click here to watch and download films. We think these resources could have a great impact on the lives of young people. If you would like to find out more please get in touch with Lisa at our Youth for Christ office to find out more or just sign up online. One of the really great things is that all the money you spend goes back into your local Youth for Christ centre so not only does signing up help your youth work but it also helps Youth for Christ engage in mission among young people in Wiltshire. Please do get in touch with any questions by using the contact form