Wiltshire Youth for Christ is a Christian organisation and for our staff the life and message of Jesus are central to our lives and the foundation for what we do. We work with young people who are Christian, those of other faiths and those of no faith. We believe that all young people should have the opportunity, if they want to, to explore the Christian faith and so we work with those young people to provide that opportunity. This pages has some films which will help you reflect on matters of faith and also has some helpful websites listed below. If you would like to know more about exploring the Christian faith and how Wiltshire Youth for Christ could help, then please do get in touch.

Jonah is a short film, telling the powerful story of the man who ran away from his destiny and God. Beautifully crafted, the film captures the essence of this age-old tale whilst re-telling the story in the 21st century.

One Baby is a short film, produced for our Christmas assemblies. It explains the significance of the baby born at Christmas: Jesus! The film is based on Isaiah 61 and can be used in youth groups and school assemblies.

The King and the Maiden: Based on Soren Kierkegaard’s story of the same names, this parable helps us understand how much God loves us and how he was prepared, in Jesus Christ, not to hold onto equality with God but to set it down to reach out to us and reveal His love to us.

Prodigal: ‘When he was still a long way off, his father saw him.’ A short reflective film based on the Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-24)

Life in All It’s Fullness: A short film to encourage reflection on what Jesus meant when he said ‘I have come that they may have life to full’ (St. John’s Gospel Chapter 10 Verse 10)

Signposts: A short film considering why God’s exists

If you are looking to find out more about the Christian faith then these websites are a great place to start your explorations: